Black Market Knees Up with Food, Bottomless Cocktails and 1940s Quiz for Two at Cahoots


£156.00 for 2

Every Saturday afternoon, Cahoots Scoundrels come alive and the Black Market Knees-Up takes place. Fellow scoundrels are invited down into the dimly-lit Underground Station – a secret, yet infamous, cocktail bar and hotspot for underhand gambling and black market activity, run by a mob of ragtag delinquents and ‘big house escapees’.

Once inside, you’ll be introduced to the show master, who has freshly escaped from prison to put on a show and guide you a rundown of the afternoon – not without a welcome drink first, of course. You’ll choose which illicit bottomless cocktails and hearty provisions, such as mini hot pies, sausage rolls, samosas, muffins and more, to spend your rations on.

Revel in the theatrical ambience while playing games, relishing rations, engaging in an interactive 1940s quiz, listening to the goings-on and watching some amazing performances.


Available in London